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Why Writing What you Know is Important

Think about a movie you identify with a lot. Now think about why you relate to this movie. Is the storyline similar to your own life in a way? Does a character remind you of yourself? Is there a character that reminds you of someone you know? Whatever the reason, we all love watching movies we can relate to, in one way or another. That’s why writing what you know is so important. We all love being entertained. That’s why we watch movies: to run from our reality and enter an entirely different world. But we also love knowing that there are movies that are made just for us.

Writing what you know is a good way of making a compelling story that you can write well and have other people identify with. Don’t shy away from writing things based off your life. Even if you think your life is too boring, I promise there is someone out there wondering how it feels to be like you. There is someone out there wondering if there is someone like them, who is going through the same good and the not so good things as them.

Coming of age movies are a good example of writing what you know. Everyone loves a good coming of age film because we’ve all had to go through great changes. Next time you think about writing a story, think about the things you’ve gone through and how other people can relate to them. Remember that a good script is all in the details. Your story can be as simple as it can get and still be rich in detail. That’s what’s going to catch people’s attention and make them feel like the can identify with your movie.

Ester Nunes
Filmmaker, Miami.
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