This is the place to be for all future filmmakers, musicians and storytellers.

June 8 - June 19 | June 22 - July 10


  Session One: June 8 - 19, 2020

  Session Two: June 22 - July 10, 2020

  Time: 8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M.

  Location: NSU University School

   Open to all students aged 12-18. Sessions are two weeks long. Kids can register for one or both sessions. Sessions are not repetitive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the program?
At ASFI, our goal is one part fun, one part prep. This means we aim to make sure students are encouraged to be themselves, make friends, and enjoy the practice of artistic crafts they’ve developed so much love for, while challenging themselves to create new and exciting opportunities in their artistic practice. Whether that means making a Hip Hop beat on a previously unexplored software, or writing the pilot episode for your first web series, the program is crafted to introduce students to new skills while spending time with professionals and classmates who are equally excited to grow as artists and individuals. A certificate of completion will be awarded to all students who finish the camp.

Where and when is the camp held?
The camp will be held on the campus of the University School adjacent to the main campus of Nova University in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Is lunch included, where do kids eat?
Lunch and other small meals/snacks are included with tuition costs and will be made available by the program throughout the day on campus.

Who teaches these classes?
All of our classes are led by college-educated, working industry professionals whose resumes reflect substantial background in the study and production of cinema, music, and theater.

What is special about this summer program?
Designed with cohesive synergy in mind, our program is one of very few in the state which allows for a conglomeration of relative artistic disciplines and practices. Take the example of a single project. It begins with one of our film students writing and producing a film where they cast one of our acting students, who learns film acting alongside their respective student colleague to produce a movie which is consequently scored by our rock band students, and recorded by our music producing students.

Each program is created to work in tandem, so each student is offered an opportunity to shine in the creation of a project they can truly brand as their own, in their own ways, with their own talents.

What do students learn and create?
Students will learn a variety of craft skills according to their discipline, such as film directing, scene study, musical theory, and sound recording, to name some. Moreover, all students will pick up a variety of life-skills, such as group dynamics, leadership skills, working with others, and time management. Ultimately, each student will have a variety of work they will have produced by the end of their time in the program which can be used for portfolio building opportunities useful in the pursuit of internship and college applications.

What kind of equipment will the students be working with?
Students will be working with professional state of the art and “pro-sumer” equipment commonly used in professional and independent art spaces. These include hardware decks, cameras, lenses, sound mixers, mixing consoles, complex editing and VFX programs, music recording and production softwares, so on and so forth.

Is any kind of artistic knowledge or experience required for this course?
No. Only a desire to learn and the drive to create are necessary to participate meaningfully in our programs!

What steps do you take to make sure my child is safe in your program?
Each class will be monitored by their mentor-instructors throughout the entirety of the day. In addition to our staff, the University School as well as the main campus of Nova University has come on board with us to ensure the safety and security of all of our students, staff, and visitors.
The impressive security apparatus at U School, the Nova University Police, and the myriad of campus infrastructure security measures (automated locking doors, security checkpoints throughout the campus, etc), are all there to ensure each and every one of our students is cared for and can work and have fun in a safe environment round the clock.

First-Aid? CPR? Background Checks for Personnel?
The University School and the Nova University Police have several individuals on staff with First Aid and CPR certification immediately available in case of emergencies. ALL ASFI staff, mentor-instructors, and administrators submit to thorough background checks as a condition of employment with the non-profit, as do all staff and administrators at the University School.

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