ASFI 2019-20 Roster

ASFI Class Roster 2019-20

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Arthur & Polly Mays Conservatory of the Arts

Christian Beard

I like ASFI because it helps me in class when I am filming videos. It makes me more responsible, and it helps me when I have to write something.

David Nunez

ASFI has helped me develop my filmmaking and writing techniques. Me and everyone around me has noticed a big improvement in my scripts and videos. I feel the film we're making this year will be beyond our expectations.

De’Nasia Smith

ASFI has helped me realize that there is a lot more to filmmaking than I thought. ASFI helps me with my writing technique and teaches me how to tell amazing stories. I joined ASFI to gain more knowledge and by the end, I will have learned way more than I did when I first joined.

Elizabeth Lopez

The ASFI program has taught me so much about story-telling and script making, I feel as though my story-telling abilities have improved. I am excited to learn more about film and the processes to make a film. Overall the ASFI program is better than some other programs I have been in.

Elya Vigilant

When I joined ASFI I was only a kid with a love for watching movies and seeing characters come to life. I even have a dream to be a screenwriter. Now I think after joining for my second year I have an even better chance that my dream could come true. ASFI not only helped me realize that I wanted to write movies for the rest of my life but helped me learn that making movies is more than pressing record on a camera.

Jacob Beard

I like ASFI because it helps me become a better filmmaker. I also like it because I learn more about film. I also like it because I like film.

Jared Pico-Reyes

I really like the idea of making us stay to learn about filming. I really like to improve the food that you give out isn't good and really doesn't taste good.

Jamil Rahaman

My name is Jamil Rahaman and Asfi is important to me because i can get to learn how to create a film and how to write it out. I look forward to learning from professionals in the field. Also to improve my skills in filmmaking and scriptwriting.

Jennifer Concepcion

This program has allowed me to learn more about myself and what career path I should look into.

Jenuo Eneral

Joining ASFI has been a life-changing experience, I had no clear idea on what I wanted to do in film, but after my time in ASFI, I have a clear unbreakable goal. In addition to the resources that ASFI provides, it gives first-hand experience into being a professional filmmaker and their workflow.

Josuha Rodriguez

ASFI is in, simplistic phrasing, a hands-on learning experience. In this learning endeavor, I've discovered my passion and meaning in the film industry. It is an experience to be had!

Rigel Gonzalez

Not only has this program allowed me to open up and discover who I am and what want to be, but it has also given me a great handful of opportunities that allow me to grow as a person and an artist.

Saul Pico-Reyes

My name is Saul Pico-Reyes and I am an aspiring filmmaker. ASFI has helped me develop as a professional and as a storyteller. The resources given to me expose me to how the industry works and the teachers in the program care for the students. Joining has been life-altering and if given the chance to do it again, I would do the same.

Suede Sowby

When I was in 6th grade last year, I didn’t really have any understanding of film or how to make one. I was a musician, not a cinematographer but was making YouTube videos trying to learn. When I found After School Film Institute, I learned so many things that I wouldn’t know until college. I learned so much about lighting and how it works and how it affects a scene. ASFI has helped me so much in a short amount of time.

Tristan Levy

ASFI has been a wonderful experience for me, Ron has helped me learn to write scripts in writer’s duet and Ester has been a good photographer. The after school snacks are also really good. This program has also helped me expand my vocabulary and let me know how to format scripts better. This is a wonderful program to be in if you like film and writing and I recommend it to any film producer out there.
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